PA Memo: Hamas Ceasefire Acceptance is "Temporary Tactic"

(Ha'aretz) - Arnon Regular The willingness expressed by Hamas to stop its attacks inside Israel is no more than a "temporary tactic," according to a memo prepared by top officials in the Palestinian Authority security services. According to the memo, Hamas aspires to replace the Fatah as the dominant political party in the PA, and take over the PLO's institutions, but prefers to do so by peaceful means, rather than through violent clashes with the PA and Fatah. As for Hamas readiness to cease attacks inside Israel, the memo says Hamas attended the Cairo talks aimed at reaching a Palestinian cease-fire, "because if it refused Egypt, it would destroy relations with Egypt." The memo says Hamas will cease its attacks only during the war in Iraq. Kuwait sends most of the funding to Hamas, and has pressured Hamas to avoid embarrassing the Americans by attacking Israel during the Iraq war, the memo says.

2003-02-11 00:00:00

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