Islamic Jihad Terrorists Admit to Receiving Funds and Orders from Syrian HQ

(IDF) In December and January, the Israel Security Agency (ISA), in coordination with the IDF, arrested a number of Islamic Jihad terrorists from the Hebron area who have admitted involvement in a wide range of paramilitary activity which was directed by the Islamic Jihad leadership in Hebron and Syria. The apprehended Islamic Jihad terrorists were responsible for the attacks near Worshippers Road in Hebron where 12 Israeli civilians and soldiers were killed on Nov. 15, and in the Israeli community of Otniel on Dec. 27, in which two Israeli civilians and two IDF soldiers were murdered. During questioning, Israeli security forces discovered that the Islamic Jihad had purchased a variety of chemical materials with which to make explosives and had begun to manufacture mortars. The terrorists admitted that Hebron's Islamic Jihad received a significant amount of money from Islamic Jihad headquarters in Syria to purchase weapons and bomb-making materials. In addition, the Syrian headquarters issued numerous commands to escalate the level of violence by engaging in a stepped-up bombing campaign.

2003-02-10 00:00:00

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