Explosive Belt Found in Israeli Arab Mosque

(Ha'aretz) - Explosive Belt Found in Israeli Arab Mosque - Roni Singer and Jalal Bana An explosive belt that was to be used by the two Islamic Jihad militants who were caught on their way to carry out a suicide bombing was found in a mosque in the Arab town of Taibeh Thursday night by police. According to a Shin Bet security investigation, the terrorists planned to carry out the attack inside Israel either on Thursday or Friday. The two were apprehended Thursday evening by IDF soldiers at a roadblock north of Nablus. Regional police commander Amihai Shai told Israel Radio Friday that the capture of the two terrorists prevented a large attack inside Israel. He said that had the explosive belt blown up inside the Taibeh mosque, a huge disaster would have occurred. He also said that the mosque officials had nothing to do with the belt and that the mayor of Taibeh greatly assisted security forces in removing it from the mosque.

2003-02-07 00:00:00

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