Mubarak Invites Sharon for Talks

(Ha'aretz) - Aluf Benn Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak surprised the Prime Minister's Office with a phone call on Wednesday to congratulate the premier and invite him for talks after the new government is formed. Mubarak has so far refused to meet with Sharon, often attacked him, and the two have exchanged quite a few barbs. But Mubarak said in a recent interview that "we must step up the contacts with Sharon, who will be reelected, and deal with him in a different way, because silence has not helped." Israeli officials believe Egypt will ask the Americans for special aid on the eve of the Iraqi war. The Egyptians responded a few weeks ago to recent American threats to cut off aid and released a high-profile jailed civil rights activist, Saad Eddin Ibrahim.

2003-01-30 00:00:00

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