Exploitation of Palestinian Children Prohibited by International Law

(Embassy of Israel Briefing, Washington, D.C., January 21, 2003)Moshe Fox - • The exploitation of children by Palestinian terrorist organizations for the purposes of executing terrorist attacks and suicide bombings is prohibited by international law, as it poses a threat to their well-being and safety. •Terrorist organizations exploit the innocent appearance of children who do not arouse suspicion and can easily blend in among the crowds. The terrorist organizations view children and youth as convenient recruits for suicide bombing missions, since they are easily influenced. •Through brainwashing and religious indoctrination, children are persuaded that if they carry out terrorist attacks, they will be granted paradise in the hereafter. •On June 27, 2002, Palestinian Television broadcast an interview with Dr. Fatal Abu Hin, a lecturer in psychology, during the film "Child Martyrs and Lovers of their Homeland," who spoke about the growing involvement of children in violent incidents. Abu Hin said the Palestinian child understands that through martyrdom, he can win honor and respect. •Abu Hin presented a survey by the Islamic University in Gaza, in April 2001, of 1,000 youngsters aged 9-16. 45% had taken an active role in the violence, and 73% stated they wanted to become martyrs. •Palestinian media, educational institutions, and summer camps are all involved in inciting and indoctrinating Palestinian children with extreme Islamic ideas, planting the seeds of hatred toward Israel and calling for support and encouragement of Jihad. •Palestinian children dress up as martyrs with their parents' encouragement, participating in processions wearing replicas of explosive belts and inscriptions declaring that they are martyrs.

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