Interview with Aaron Miller

(Ha'aretz) Nathan Guttman - When Aaron Miller is asked what was the low point in the 15 years he was actively engaged in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the U.S. State Department, he answers: "Pick any day in the last two years." Miller resigned from the State Department last week and in these last two years watched everything he had worked for falling apart. "I do not believe that in this environment there can be any connection between the use of terror or any violence on the ground to create a more productive environment for negotiations," says Miller. He didn't always feel this way. With his colleagues on the American "peace team," he believed at certain times in the past two years of the intifada that when the situation would become awful enough, the two sides would realize they had gone too far and must stop. "That was an illusion," he said. "Why would we Americans want to help to bring into the world a Palestinian state that is linked with terrorism?"

2003-01-22 00:00:00

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