Palestinian Schools which Encouraged Terror Closed by IDF

(Israel Defense Forces) - At the Islamic College of Hebron, the whole first floor was decorated with banners upon which the "whole land of Palestine" was depicted, as well as slogans advocating the destruction of Israel. Notebooks had the faces of suicide bomber "martyrs" on the cover. Classrooms were filled with posters that praised suicide bombings and glorified the suicide bombers. "The Jihad is our path" proclaimed one poster, while another announced, "Sharon and Bush are pigs." On the second floor, hundreds of cassettes were found, made by the different terrorist organizations, calling for the total destruction of the State of Israel. Soldiers entering classrooms found boxes filled with folders on whose covers were pictures of the September 11th terror attacks against the U.S. next to pictures of Palestinian terrorists.

2003-01-17 00:00:00

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