The Saudi Push for an Iraq Coup

(Time) Scott Macleod - Convinced that President Bush is serious about invading Iraq, Arab leaders hope to avoid war by orchestrating a coup in Baghdad. Well-placed sources have reported that Saudi Arabia is vigorously pursuing a concrete plan to encourage Iraqi generals to overthrow Saddam and his clique. Western and Arab diplomats say the Saudi proposal requires a UN Security Council resolution declaring amnesty for the vast majority of Iraqi officials if they orchestrate a transition of power in Baghdad. Such an amnesty would extend to all but 100 to 120 of the most senior Baath Party officials, including Saddam, his sons, close relatives, and others who have long formed part of the ruling circle. Western and Arab diplomats say that Saudi Arabia is actively canvassing support for the initiative among regional players and Security Council members.

2003-01-17 00:00:00

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