Defense Minister Mofaz: Terrorists Itching to Act

(Ha'aretz) - Gideon Alon Hours before the deadly terrorist bombing at Tel Aviv's old central bus station, Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz told the weekly cabinet meeting that "all the terrorists organizations are trying hard to carry out an attack." "There is a deterrent effect to demolishing the homes of Palestinians involved in terrorism," Mofaz told the cabinet. In the last four months, 28 potential terrorists were turned over to security forces because of the threat that their homes would be demolished. Mofaz said Israel will not accept any distinction between terror against Israelis in the territories and inside the Green Line. He said the Palestinians "are trying to make a show" of drafting a constitution that would include a prime minister appointed by Yasser Arafat, "but in effect there is no intention of any reforms." As for the negotiations underway in Cairo to reach a pan-Palestinian policy regarding a cease-fire, Mofaz said that, despite Egyptian efforts, "we have not identified any change in the Hamas position. On the contrary, they declare they will continue terrorism." He said that Arafat has also declared that the Cairo talks are not meant to end the intifada.

2003-01-06 00:00:00

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