Kill Them Before They Can Kill Us

(CNS News) - Jeff Johnson Dr. David Kay, a counter-terrorism expert and former chief UN weapons inspector in Iraq, sees 2002 as "the tipping point when the metaphor for dealing with terrorism changed from 'terrorism is a crime' and the appropriate institutions for dealing with it are the police, law enforcement, and the judiciary, to 'terrorism is war,' and the appropriate tools for dealing with terrorism as war are completely different." Paul Bremer, former head of the counterterrorism office of the State Department and chairman of the National Commission on Terrorism, said the U.S. must fundamentally change its primary response to terrorist threats. "This war cannot be won on the defensive," Bremer said. "No matter how good we make our homeland security, there is virtually no way we can defend all of the targets that terrorists can come after." "Wait and respond is no longer acceptable," Bremer explained. "We have to move from 'wait and respond' to 'detect and destroy'....We have to go on the offensive and kill the terrorists before they come here and kill us."

2004-01-01 00:00:00

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