Hamas Pursuing Chemical, Biological Terror

(Ha'aretz) - Amos Harel In an indictment submitted this week to the military court at the Erez Checkpoint, Walid al-Ara, 32, from Gaza, a member of Hamas's military wing, is accused of helping the organization gather information from the Internet for an attack with biological weapons. Ara is also charged with making bombs and with gathering information on how to do so off the Internet for other Hamas bomb-makers. Security sources say that over the last few months, more and more arrested Palestinians, mainly from Hamas, have admitted that their organization had sought to use nonconventional weapons. Plans to use biological weaponry have included a Hamas plan to poison the food in a Jerusalem restaurant, an Islamic Jihad plan to poison the water supply of a Jerusalem hospital, and a plan by al Qaeda operative Nabil Okhel to poison the entire country's water supply.

2004-01-01 00:00:00

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