The Threat of Islamic Betrayal

(American Thinker) Raymond Ibrahim - A recent assassination attempt in Turkey offers valuable lessons for the West concerning Islamist hate towards non-Muslim "infidels." Last January, an assassination plot against a Christian pastor in Turkey was thwarted when police arrested 14 suspects. Two of them had been part of the pastor's congregation for more than a year, feigning interest in Christianity. Three of the suspects were women. "These people had infiltrated our church and collected information about me, my family and the church and were preparing an attack against us," said the pastor, Emre Karaali, a native Turk. "Two of them attended our church for over a year and they were like family." "The 14 [suspects] had collected personal information, copies of personal documents, created maps of the church and the pastor's home, and had photos of those who had come to Izmit [church] to preach." Islamic doctrine permits deceits, ruses, and dispensations. Lying is forbidden - unless the intention is to empower Islam. Killing women and children is forbidden - but permissible during the jihad. Suicide is forbidden - unless the intention behind it is to kill infidels, in which case it becomes a "martyrdom operation." The writer is an Associate Fellow at the Middle East Forum.

2013-03-29 00:00:00

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