Dutch Intelligence Warns of Islamist Threat

(Reuters)- The Dutch secret service says combating terrorism also means tackling the problem of thousands of disaffected "born again" Muslims in the West who are open to the appeal of a radical, puritan version of Islam. The AIVD, which has previously said it is monitoring about 150 suspected Islamist militants in The Netherlands, said "several thousand" Muslims, mostly youngsters, were vulnerable to the appeal of radical Islam, in a 60-page report presented to the Dutch parliament. "Recruitment of Dutch youths with mostly foreign roots for the armed radical Islamic struggle is rather a trend than an incident in The Netherlands." The AIVD said ways of countering the threat from radical Islam included bolstering moderate Muslim leaders, encouraging the emancipation of Muslim women, and more actively prosecuting suspected incitement to violence or discrimination.

2004-12-24 00:00:00

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