Hizbullah's European Enablers

(National Post-Canada) Matthew Levitt - Hizbullah has been banned in Canada since 2002, but not so in the European Union as a whole. Hizbullah has been active in Europe since the early 1980s, when it engaged in a long list of attacks across the continent. But while it has continuously raised funds, procured arms and provided logistical support for attacks elsewhere, it had been years since Hizbullah last carried out an attack on European soil. Then came the Burgas bombing in Bulgaria in 2012. In Cyprus, as well, authorities arrested an admitted Hizbullah operative who collected information about Israeli tourists in a similar plot. Given Hizbullah's long and sordid history in Europe, and the fact that it now has resumed violent operations there, what will it take to get EU member states to agree to ban Hizbullah as the terrorist group it is? The writer is director of the program on counterterrorism and intelligence at The Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

2013-03-14 00:00:00

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