Israel at UN: Hizbullah Remains Conspicuously Absent from EU List of Terrorist Groups

(Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Israeli UN Ambassador Ron Prosor told the UN Security Council on Tuesday: Eight months have passed since our last debate on "the protection of civilians in armed conflict." Since then, the death toll in Syria has quadrupled - from 14,000 in June to over 60,000 now. The civilians caught in the crosshairs of the Assad regime continue to cry out for protection. Assad is not alone. On his advisory board sits Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah, who gives him guidance on how to slaughter civilians more effectively. With the blessings of Iran, its patron saint, Hizbullah has provided arms, training, and logistical support for tens of thousands of Assad's men. Iran's arm extends from Syria into Lebanon, where it has helped Hizbullah amass 50,000 missiles - more than many NATO members - and transform the Lebanese state into an outpost for terror. Hizbullah intentionally places its arms in civilian areas, using the entire population of Lebanon as a human shield. Hizbullah's reign of terror extends far beyond the Middle East. Its fingerprints have been identified on attacks in all five continents....Despite this, however, Hizbullah remains conspicuously absent from the European Union's list of recognized terrorist organizations. In fact, many states continue to classify Hizbullah as a charity. Calling Hizbullah a charity is like calling al-Qaeda an urban-planning organization because of its desire to level tall buildings. Not since Napoleon invaded Russia has the European continent seen such an astonishing lack of foresight.

2013-02-13 00:00:00

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