Blaming "El Yahud"

(Jerusalem Post) Zvi Mazel - Hassan Banna, who founded the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood in 1928, offered his services to Hitler with the onset of World War II, while asking him to help Egypt in its fight against the British and the Jews. The clandestine terror organization he set up passed along information on the movements of British forces. Under former president Hosni Mubarak, incitement went on in the media and in the mosques, though they were under state control. It was an unwritten rule that no item presenting Israel and/or the Jews in a favorable light could be aired. Israeli cities were called "settlements" wherever they were; reports would describe "a fedayeen operation in the Haifa settlement," referring to a city in the heart of Israel. Israelis are usually called "el Yahud," the Jews. Editorials in the Egyptian media routinely accuse Jews of treacherous actions such as "infiltrating into Africa to incite Africans against Egypt." A recurrent theme is making the Jews responsible for the ongoing struggle between Egypt and upper Nile countries regarding the distribution of the river's waters. The writer, a fellow of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, is a former ambassador to Romania, Egypt and Sweden.

2013-02-12 00:00:00

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