Israeli-Palestinian School Book Study Is Strongly Misleading

(Israel Ministry of Strategic Affairs) A U.S.-funded study that faulted both Palestinian and Israeli textbooks attempts to create an artificial and inaccurate balance between the two. The study provides a highly-distorted depiction of the PA's systematic efforts to educate and indoctrinate Palestinian children to hate, violence and non-acceptance of Israel's existence. Official PA and PLO educational platforms, including formal and informal educational frameworks, summer camps, children's magazines, television programs, and cultural events, systematically promote the following messages: 1.The dispute with Israel is not over territory, but over the legitimacy of Israel's very existence (let alone Israel's existence as a Jewish state). 2.The ultimate goal is to eliminate the Jewish state and reclaim the historic Land of Palestine. 3.Jews/Zionists/Israelis possess demonic characteristics. 4.All forms of struggle - including terrorism - are legitimate in pursuit of the ultimate goal. Terrorists are national heroes and role models. The Palestinian educational system contains no curriculum promoting a lasting peace and co-existence between a Palestinian and an Israeli state. In contrast, the Israeli educational system clearly promotes a culture of peace. As long as Palestinian children are taught that terror is legitimate and Israel's existence is not, a viable Israeli-Palestinian peace will remain beyond reach.

2013-02-05 00:00:00

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