Don't Mince Words: Hizbullah Are Terrorists

(The Times-UK, 29 Jan 2013) Jose Maria Aznar and David Trimble - In July last year, a bus full of Israeli tourists was blown to pieces by a suicide bomber in Burgas, Bulgaria. All the evidence points to it being a plot conceived and executed by Hizbullah. Yet despite this atrocity, some European governments are not willing to declare it a security threat and put it on the EU terrorist list. Hizbullah is not just a Lebanese militia group and political party. It is the long arm of Iran. From its inception by Tehran in 1982, it has been committed to the revolutionary goals of the international expansion of Shia Islam, as dreamt of by the Ayatollah Khomeini. Hizbullah has a global vision and reach. It has perpetrated attacks in Argentina, Georgia, Israel, Thailand, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon. It has been involved in illegal but very lucrative activities in Latin America and West Africa. Some argue that there is a difference between Hizbullah's military wing, its political wing and its charitable activities. They are wrong - it is one single body and every part plays a role in the overall strategy. Hizbullah is committed to violent revolution. It sees itself as being in total confrontation with our way of life. The idea that engaging Hizbullah would moderate it has proved to be a dangerous illusion. And today, it is actively intervening in Syria on behalf of Bashar al-Assad. We know from our own experience in Spain and Northern Ireland that terrorism cannot be defeated unless you tackle all the tentacles that serve the purposes of the terrorists and that includes the political and financial front organizations. Hizbullah is not the Party of God, it is the Party of Terror, and we should treat it as such. Jose Maria Aznar was Prime Minister of Spain, 1996 to 2004; Lord Trimble was First Minister of Northern Ireland, 1998-2002 and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1998.

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