Intelligence Estimates, Illogical Conclusions

[New York Sun] Youssef Ibrahim - The recently released National Intelligence Estimate stressed that the sort of Islam taking root in Muslim communities of America and Europe is a "radical" and "especially Salafi" type of Islam. "Salafi" is a synonym for Saudi or Wahhabist Islam, the extremely unforgiving religious ideology spread for the last 40 years by the religious wings of the Saudi royal government, using billions of the country's oil dollars and relying on Western acquiescence. If you know the carrier - Saudi Arabia - and the disease - jihadist Islam spread with Saudi funding through mosques staffed with Wahhabist imams in America and Europe - why blithely allow it to continue? Every month, Saudi dollars flow in to build and staff more mosques, from one end of Europe to the other and in every American city. Saudi-trained imams originally from Egypt or Pakistan are streaming into America using visas that identify them as "religious guides." America should get a National Intelligence Estimate that tells us how many of the imams coming into this country have an "elemental knowledge" of America's essential values, such as freedom of speech and the rights of women. Saudi Islam is not what we want to promote in America.

2007-07-20 01:00:00

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