Turkey Will Not Accept Iran Possessing Nuclear Weapons

(Zaman-Turkey) "Turkey will not accept a neighboring country possessing weapons not possessed by Turkey herself," President Abdullah Gul said in an interview. Gul insisted that any solution to the dispute over Iran's nuclear program should involve the eradication of all nuclear weapons from the region. "What we need is a more comprehensive solution and approach to this problem. What matters here is to guarantee the security of Israel in the region, and once that is guaranteed, then the next step must be to eradicate all such weapons from the region." "What matters is to put yourself in the shoes of Iran and consider how the Iranians perceive the outside threat." Asked if this meant the key to stopping the Iranian nuclear program is Israeli disarmament, Gul said, "That is the way I see it, because that route will help us solve the fundamental problems in the Middle East that affect the whole world."

2013-01-04 00:00:00

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