Jewish Settlements "Same as Falkland Islands"

(Telegraph-UK) Robert Tait - Gideon Saar, Israel's education minister, was answering criticism by the British Foreign Office minister, Alistair Burt, of official approval for a university in Ariel in the West Bank. "Our connection to Ariel is at least as strong as the UK's connection to the Falkland Islands. I do not accept the British condemnation," he said. "The true impediment to peace is the Palestinians' incitement and pro-terrorism education." The Falklands are sovereign British territory despite lying 310 miles off the coast of Argentina, which also claims sovereignty. Ariel, home to around 18,000 Jews, is situated 11 miles beyond the pre-1967 Green Line. "How can it be that a university is an impediment to peace, and when it was only a college, peace was attainable?" Saar asked.

2013-01-03 00:00:00

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