Israel Lets Building Materials Cross into Gaza

(New York Times) Isabel Kershner - Israel on Sunday allowed 20 truckloads of building materials into Gaza for use by the private sector, in the wake of the cease-fire deal reached after eight days of intensive fighting in November. Israeli officials said that construction materials would now be allowed in on a daily basis via the Kerem Shalom crossing with Gaza. The easing of restrictions on imports is a result of continuing talks in Cairo meant to anchor the cease-fire between Israel and Hamas. In return for loosening the movement of goods, Israeli officials say, Egypt is expected to help prevent the smuggling of weapons into Gaza. Israeli officials have explained the willingness to ease restrictions in terms of trying to ensure the longevity of the cease-fire. They say that the discussions have also provided Israel with a welcome channel of communication with the new Egyptian leadership under President Mohamed Morsi, seen as important for the preservation of the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt.

2012-12-31 00:00:00

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