Growing Rift between Hamas and Islamic Jihad

(Ha'aretz) Arnon Regular - A growing rift between Hamas and Islamic Jihad has led to a break in cooperation between the two Palestinian groups. Fathi Hamad, a member of the supreme Hamas religious body in Gaza, emphasized the differences between the Sunni Hamas and the Shi'ite Islamic Jihad: "An Islamic Jihad takeover would means the Shi'ites take over....We must fight and clash with all those who are not Sunni and guarantee our faith remains pure." "We outnumber them, we have many more mosques, and much more commitment, but they are ahead of us in the satellite TV stations, and their Web sites are much bigger than the group itself. They are stealing attacks from Hamas, exaggerate the number of their killed, and inflate the numbers of their street demonstrations as if they are a domestic group, even though they are supported by Hizballah," Hamad complained.

2004-12-15 00:00:00

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