Time to Hold Abbas to a Higher Standard

(Jerusalem Post) Editorial - Abbas's refusal to condemn this attack, much less use the thousands of armed men under his control to crack down on supposedly illegal militias, means he is making a choice. We are being assured that all good things must wait for the Palestinian election, which will strengthen Abbas. But this logic would suggest repeating the policy that failed so spectacularly with Arafat, in which the world would demand little and receive less, all in order to "strengthen Arafat." The opposite approach would seem to be more effective. Let Abbas tell his people that the billions in assistance and a chance to build their own state will only come when the Palestinians prove they are abandoning terrorism and embracing democracy. But Abbas won't say that as long as Israel, the U.S., and Europe seem poised to shower him with unconditional support the minute he is anointed in an uncontested election.

2004-12-14 00:00:00

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