Hamastine: A Present from the UN

(Gatestone Institute) Amin Farouk - Near the Islamic University in Gaza - where PhD theses are written on topics such as "The role of the Muslim mother in preparing her sons to be martyrs of the resistance" - a large outdoor rally was recently held to glorify, celebrate and promote anti-Semitism and genocide. On stage was an enormous model of an M-75 rocket, which opened to reveal terrorist leader Khaled Mashaal and his entourage, who marched out to bask in Gazan adulation. Mashaal pointed to the rocket behind him and bragged about the "rain of missiles" Hamas had launched on Israeli civilians, especially in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. He called for the annihilation of the Jews and the destruction of their homeland, for the continuation of rocket fire and terrorist attacks, for the abduction of IDF soldiers, and for jihad until the "liberation" of all "Palestine." "This land is the country of the Arab Islamic people where only Muslims and Christians will live."

2012-12-28 00:00:00

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