60 Percent of Palestinian Casualties in Recent Gaza Fighting Were Terrorists

(Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center-Hebrew) A detailed study of the identities of Palestinians killed during Operation Pillar of Defense in Gaza in Nov. 2012 reveals: Of 178 Palestinians killed during the campaign, 169 were identified. Of those identified, 101 were terrorists and 68 were uninvolved civilians (60% terrorists). 71 of the terrorists were Hamas members; 17 were affiliated with Islamic Jihad; 6 belonged to the Popular Resistance Committees; 3 to Fatah; 2 to the Army of Islam; and 1 each to the PFLP and Salafists. The terrorist organizations publicized a smaller number of members killed and inflated the number of civilians to promote the image of a glorious victory, as well as to defame Israel. The Palestinians added the names of those who died in circumstances not related to the fighting in order to vilify Israel.

2012-12-25 00:00:00

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