Israel Calls on UN Security Council to Condemn Rearming of Hizbullah

(Reuters-Ha'aretz) Israel's UN Ambassador Ron Prosor urged the Security Council on Thursday to condemn Hizbullah's significant rearming in clear violation of a UN arms embargo. Prosor said an explosion at a weapons depot in the southern Lebanese town of Tair Harfa on Monday was "yet another reminder to the world about the grave danger before our eyes in Lebanon." "In flagrant breach of (Security Council) Resolution 1701, Hizbullah has built its arsenal to unprecedented levels, amassing 50,000 deadly missiles in Lebanon - more missiles than many NATO members have in their possession," he said. "I call on the Security Council and all responsible members of the international community to send a clear signal that Hizbullah's rapid rearmament will not be tolerated - backed by concrete steps on the ground. A logical first step is to ensure that Hizbullah is placed on relevant terrorism watch lists in all corners of the globe, including in the European Union."

2012-12-21 00:00:00

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