A Young Saudi Jihadist's Journey

(Newsday)Mohamad Bazzi - The story of the transformation of Fahd - the 24-year-old son of a Saudi middle-class family, from a quiet seminary student to a jihadist willing to die in a country he had never even visited - highlights how Iraq has become a magnet for Islamic militants. "We cannot be separated from Iraq. The victory of religious extremism in Iraq would mean the victory of extremism in Saudi Arabia," said Abdulaziz al-Qasim, a former Saudi religious judge who is now one of the kingdom's leading moderate Islamic activists. "The victory of democracy in Iraq would mean the victory of democracy in Saudi Arabia." "The entrenchment of militant Islamic groups in Iraq is a great danger to all countries in the Gulf," al-Qasim said.

2004-11-29 00:00:00

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