Jordan and Syria Agree on Redrawing Border

(AP/Dar Al-Hayat-Saudi Arabia) Jordan said Wednesday it and Syria have agreed to redraw their borders for the first time since 1970 when Syrian troops advanced southward during a conflict between Jordan and Palestinian guerrillas - returning to their original 1931 borders. Jordanian Interior Minister Samir Habashneh said the agreement would return an area of 125 square kilometers of Jordanian land held by Syria and 2.5 square kilometers of Syrian territory under Jordanian control. Jordanian security officials say the Syrian border has been a source of arms and drug smuggling, despite Jordanian efforts to tighten border controls. Jordan has said that some of the 17 al-Qaeda-linked militants who allegedly plotted foiled terrorist attacks last April in Jordan came from Syria.

2004-11-26 00:00:00

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