Is Israel's Security Barrier Unique?

(Middle East Quarterly)Ben Thein - In August 2004, the EU put out tenders for companies to construct a European separation fence to prevent migration into the EU from countries excluded from it, less than one month after condemning Israel's barrier at the UN. India has built a barrier along its line-of-control with Pakistan. Saudi Arabia unilaterally began constructing a barrier on land disputed by Yemen. Morocco has built a barrier against Algerian infiltration in the disputed territory of Western Sahara. In Northern Ireland the British government's response to a terrorist campaign was the creation of a "peace line" dividing Catholic and Protestant neighborhoods in Belfast. In some places, barriers traverse backyards and separate houses. Some of the barriers are more than thirty feet high. Belfast's barriers have actually proliferated during Prime Minister Tony Blair's administration. In 1994, there were 15 of them; a decade later there are 37.

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