Congressional Report Ties Middle East Terrorists to Mexican Drug Cartels

(Daily Caller) Matthew Boyle - A new congressional report from a House Homeland Security Subcommittee released this month ties Middle East terror organizations to Mexican drug cartels. "The presence of Hizbullah in Latin America is partially explained by the large Lebanese diaspora in South America," the report reads. "In general, Hizbullah enjoys support by many in the Lebanese world community in part because of the numerous social programs it provides in Lebanon that include schools, hospitals, utilities and welfare." The report, prepared by subcommittee chairman Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Tex.), argues: "United in their dedication to the destruction of Israel, Iran has helped Hizbullah grow from a small group of untrained guerrillas into what is arguably the most highly trained, organized and equipped terrorist organization in the world. In return, Hizbullah has served as an ideal proxy for Iranian military force - particularly against Israel - which affords Iran plausible deniability diplomatically. Hence wherever Hizbullah is entrenched, Iran will be as well and vice-versa."

2012-11-30 00:00:00

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