Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Celebrates Conquest of Jerusalem

(Macleans-Canada) Michael Petrou - The walls of Cairo's Saladin Citadel are bathed in pink light. As an orchestra and a singer are belting out songs, young men dressed like medieval Muslim warriors, with flowing robes and wide swords on their hips, stand guard on rock platforms. Egypt's new government is commemorating Saladin's conquest of Jerusalem in 1187. On stage, video clips are projected onto a large screen, showing Saladin's army marching into Jerusalem, followed by footage of the October 1973 war with Israel. Clips of Egyptian troops crossing the Suez Canal are met with cheers and applause. A special guest takes the stage: Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal, who says: "The time has come to overturn the negotiating table on those who wish to enslave us. Nothing will restore the homeland but jihad."

2012-11-27 00:00:00

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