Israel and Jihadist Threats

[Washington Times] Editorial - Israeli officials are worried about the prospect that Syria may attempt to start another war over the Golan Heights, and Jerusalem is trying to fashion a response to the military buildup taking place in Gaza under the auspices of the PA - currently dominated by Hamas, an ally of rogue-state regimes in Iran and Syria. Since Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza in August 2005, the PA has permitted massive amounts of guns, rockets and missiles to be smuggled into Gaza, mostly from Egypt. Last week, Hamas announced it would no longer be bound by a "cease-fire" with Israel that it agreed to in November (a cease-fire during which it tried to fire hundreds of rockets and mortars into the Jewish state). Abbas and Hamas are currently demanding that Israel extend the Gaza "cease-fire" to the West Bank and end its successful anti-terror operations there. It's a deal that no Israeli government could possibly agree to.

2007-05-01 01:00:00

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