Iraq Prime Minister Allawi Identifies Nationalities of Foreign Insurgents in Iraq

(WCBS-TV) Iraq's interim prime minister said Sunday that efforts to peacefully resolve the conflict in Fallujah have entered their final phase and warned that "our patience is running thin," vowing to clear the city of militants who have carried out some of the bloodiest attacks in Iraq. Ayad Allawi's strong comments signaled that the start may be near for a major assault on Fallujah that U.S. forces have been preparing. Allawi also said authorities have arrested 167 Arab foreign fighters, who are in Iraq's custody. Most came from Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Sudan. He said Iraqi officials are preparing lists of people living in other Arab nations that are wanted for financing and committing terrorism. "We will ask the (Arab) authorities to hand them to us," he said. U.S. commanders have estimated that up to 5,000 Islamic militants, Saddam Hussein loyalists, and common criminals are holed up in the insurgent bastion.

2004-11-01 00:00:00

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