Hamas Rocket Arsenal Targeted by Israeli Air Strikes

(Reuters) Cosima Ungaro - Israel's assault on Gaza's rocket arsenals is aimed at countering what it sees as a growing strategic threat posed by Iranian-supplied missiles smuggled in through Egypt. By Monday, Israel had carried out 1,350 air strikes against Gaza arms caches and other sites, but the rocket fire persisted. "The Palestinian capabilities, we can assume, have been damaged, but they remain intact as a cycle of fire has been maintained," said Uzi Rubin, an Israeli missile expert. The longest-range Palestinian rockets were Iranian-designed Fajr-5s, capable of reaching Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. Israeli security sources said around 20 Fajr-5s had been destroyed on the ground. Correspondents report a relative absence of Israeli combat helicopters that could provide ground forces with close support - reflecting, possibly, Israel's fear of shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles that have been smuggled into Gaza from Libya.

2012-11-21 00:00:00

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