Israel Air Force Kills Top Gaza Al-Qaeda Leaders

(Israel Hayom) Daniel Siryoti and Lilach Shoval - Israel Air Force planes on Sunday targeted a terrorist cell in Gaza that was preparing to launch a rocket into Israel. One Palestinian was killed and another wounded in the airstrike. On Saturday, two Global Jihad operatives were killed when an Israeli aircraft fired a missile at the motorcycle they were riding on in Jabaliya in Gaza. The two were involved in planning an attack on Israel. Hisham al-Saedni and Ashraf al-Sabah, Salafi Islamists, were leaders, respectively, of the Tawhid wa-Jihad and Ansar Al-Sunna groups. The men had recently merged their groups to form the umbrella Majles Shoura Al-Mujahideen (Holy Warriors' Guidance Council), becoming the de facto heads of the diffuse Gaza jihadi network. The group took responsibility for a Grad rocket attack on Netivot on Friday night in which a home was damaged. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the Israeli cabinet on Sunday: "The Global Jihad is stepping up its efforts to target us, and we will continue to interdict it with aggression and might, in terms of both response and pre-emption." On Friday night a siren sounded in Netivot. "We were at the end of the evening meal when we heard the siren," said Karin Amar, a resident of Netivot whose yard was hit by the rocket. "We went into the security room quickly. It was the only room that was not damaged in the home. This is the way we live in these times."

2012-10-15 00:00:00

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