Why Containment Is Not an Option Against a Nuclear Iran

(Gatestone Institute) Yaakov Lappin - Iranian political, religious, and military leaders have expressed their desire to annihilate Israel at every opportunity. It would be criminally negligent to disregard Iran's official state ideology, and gamble with the lives of millions of Israelis on the unproven assumption that Iran will behave rationally as a nuclear-armed actor. For Israel, the struggle to keep Iran from going nuclear is about Israel's Right to Life. Once Iran breaks through to the nuclear arms stage, it would automatically spark a Middle Eastern arms race, as Iran's frightened Sunni rivals would rush to get their own atomic bombs. Sunni states such as Egypt - already under Islamist rule - as well as Turkey and Saudi Arabia would end up armed with nuclear weapons, too.

2012-09-05 00:00:00

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