Is the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty Dead?

(Ha'aretz) Maikel Nabil Sanad - President Anwar Sadat wanted a real peace, but since his assassination in 1981, the Egyptian authorities have related to the 1979 treaty as a ceasefire deal and not as a true peace treaty. They are still dreaming of revenge for their successive losses in previous wars against Israel. 33 years after the peace treaty, Israel still doesn't exist on official Egyptian maps. When young Egyptian students study geography, they find only Palestine on their state-printed books. Egypt has not canceled a law which criminalizes Zionism. The Egyptian authorities are still training young army officers to believe that Israel is their only enemy, and force young recruits to say every day that "Jews are enemies of Allah." The state-owned media still run anti-Israel propaganda. Egyptians have to get permission from Egyptian Military Intelligence if they want to visit Israel, and the same agencies target Egyptian peace activists and call them Israeli spies, which is exactly what they did to me. The writer, an Egyptian activist, was imprisoned for 10 months in Egypt in 2011 for his human rights work.

2012-09-04 00:00:00

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