Persian Interpreter Tampers with Morsi's Speech

(Ynet News) Roi Kais - Egyptian President Morsi's speech in Tehran on Thursday at the Non-Aligned Movement summit may not have been the same speech heard by the Islamic Republic's citizens on national television and radio. One Iranian website wrote that "in an unprecedented action, the interpreter falsified part of Morsi's speech, declining to translate Morsi's severe attack on the Syrian president's regime." The Iranian interpreter translated Morsi's criticism of Assad's regime as a statement in support of Assad: "There is a crisis in Syria and we must support the ruling regime in Syria." When Morsi went on to discuss events in Arab states where the Arab Spring played a part, the translator exchanged the word Syria with Bahrain. Iranian media also confirmed changes to speeches delivered by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and UN General Assembly President Nasser Abdul Aziz on the Syrian crisis.

2012-08-31 00:00:00

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