Arabs Thwart PA UN Bid to Condemn Hamas

[Ha'aretz] Shlomo Shamir - The Arab lobby at the UN, backed by Russia, foiled a PA initiative to include a condemnation of Hamas' seizure of Gaza in a UN resolution against Israel. PA observer Riad Mansour sought to include a clause "expressing concern about the takeover by illegal militias of Palestinian Authority institutions in June 2007" and calling for the reversal of this situation, but moderated the wording under Arab pressure. The clause was supposed to be included in a draft resolution against Israel, slated to be voted on this week at a Decolonization Committee meeting. But when Mansour submitted the proposed clause to the Arab representatives for approval, as usual, it met with severe criticism, and he was personally vilified. Reliable diplomatic sources said Mansour was subjected to a barrage of insults, led by the representatives of Egypt, Syria and Libya.

2007-11-19 01:00:00

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