Hizbullah, Iran and Assad's Departure

(Ynet News) Ron Ben-Yishai - According to credible Western sources, senior Alawite figures are starting to discuss the option of abandoning Assad and are also asking Hizbullah to dispatch men who would protect them the day after the regime collapses. Hizbullah and Iran are interested in gaining a significant foothold in Syria the day after. The expected chaos would mean that many areas in Syria will not be ruled by the central government. The threat to Israel is that terrorists affiliated with the Global Jihad will exploit the chaos to establish themselves near the Golan Heights border and carry out attacks. In fact, quite a few Global Jihad groups are already in southern Syria, near the border with Israel. An even graver threat is that the chemical and biological weapons and some of the Syrian army's immense missile and rocket arsenal will fall into the hands of Hizbullah, which will smuggle these arms into Lebanon. Israel closely monitors the movements of weapon systems and arms within Syria. Defense Minister Ehud Barak made it clear that Israel will not accept the transfer of these weapon systems to Hizbullah. We can carefully estimate that within weeks, and possibly days, we'll see the final collapse of the Damascus regime.

2012-07-20 00:00:00

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