The Quds Force: Iranian Masters of Mayhem

(Strategy Page) The Quds Force is an Iranian organization trained to spread the Islamic revolution outside Iran. In Kenya on June 20, police arrested two Iranians in possession of bomb-making materials. Two years ago Nigerian police found 13 cargo containers full of weapons shipped from Iran. The Quds Force has eight departments, each assigned to a different part of the world. The Western Directorate of Quds established a recruiting and fund-raising network in Western nations. Many recruits are brought back to Iran for training, while Shia migrants are encouraged to donate money, and services, to Quds Force operations. The North Africa Department has been caught providing weapons to Islamic radicals in Somalia. Quds has been caught several times trying to smuggle weapons to rebel Shia tribesmen in northern Yemen.

2012-07-13 00:00:00

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