Unsung Victims: Kibbutz Nir'am

(Jerusalem Post) Larry Derfner - A crowd has gathered, staring at the scorched Kassam sticking out of the dirt about 25 meters from Alon elementary school in Kibbutz Nir'am, a little closer to the Gaza Strip than Sderot. Since the Kassams started coming out of Gaza nearly two years ago, more than 100 have landed on Kibbutz Nir'am - almost as many as have fallen on Sderot. Inside the school, Tali Simchi, 41, tells the children, "We're trying to make peace with the Palestinians, but everywhere there are extremists, and now we're facing Hamas, who think God gave them the right to all of the land and that's their goal, to take it all, and that's why they fire those missiles at Nir'am. And our job, as people who live on the border, is - that's right - to live with it, to live with the fear, which is natural, and to talk about how we're afraid, and to keep believing that all this will pass."

2004-10-05 00:00:00

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