What is the Matter with the Palestinians?

(Ha'aretz) Yoel Marcus - Why, every time the door opens a crack for some Israeli compromise or concession, do the Palestinians suddenly have this urge to maim and kill? Why, after the Oslo Accords, which Israel went through hell and high water to approve, did they unleash a campaign of bloody terror? Why did they launch another wave of terror at the split second that another opportunity arose for a settlement brokered by President Clinton at Camp David? Why is every senior American peacemaker sent here always greeted by a terror attack that sabotages the mission even before it begins? Why, when the patriarch of the settlements decides to disengage from Gaza, have the Palestinians gone on a rampage? Why are they attacking, ambushing, and wildly shooting Kassam rockets at Sderot? I say Palestinians, and not Hamas, because the PA has more power and say-so than we think. If the PA didn't want Sderot bombarded, it wouldn't be. Hamas and the PA can boast just as well about kicking us out of Gaza without starting a new cycle of bloodshed. With all due respect for the Palestinians' right to an independent state, there's a screw loose somewhere. Don't they see that no Israeli government, not even one headed by Peres or Sarid, would allow a town in Israel to be fired on day and night for the simple reason that it happens to be within the range of a Kassam?

2004-10-05 00:00:00

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