A War Over Image

(Jerusalem Post) Arieh O'Sullivan - What is going on now is not just a battle to stop Kassam rockets from hitting Sderot - it is also a war over image. Defense officials said Thursday that the army's tactics are aimed at demolishing the Palestinians' attempts to portray Israel's disengagement from Gaza as an action taken under fire, with the Palestinians having chased out the Israelis. They also said that this is the chance to deliver a lethal blow to Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups. The IDF will try to draw out Palestinian gunmen to kill them with overwhelming firepower. The operation comes at a time when European voices don't matter and the voices that do matter in Washington are preoccupied with a presidential election, so the IDF will not be under much pressure to quit the northern Gaza Strip anytime soon.

2004-10-01 00:00:00

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