Palestinian Mortar Strikes Near IDF Training Base

[Ha'aretz] Mazal Mualem, Avi Issacharoff, and Yuval Azoulay - Palestinians in Gaza fired a mortar that struck near an Israel Defense Forces base in Zikim early Wednesday. Six female soldiers were treated for shock. In September, a Kassam rocket struck the same IDF base, wounding 69 soldiers, one of them critically. After Israel Air Force raids killed Majed Harazin, Islamic Jihad's military commander for Gaza and the West Bank, and master rocket-maker Karim al-Dahdouh, Prime Minister Olmert said Tuesday, "We will continue to seek out the heads of the terror organizations and strike at them....We will get all those who are responsible for firing rockets on the communities near Gaza and on Sderot." Thousands of Gazans took to the streets in funeral processions for the dead militants, many firing assault rifles. In northern Gaza, bullets from the rifles of mourners severed an electric wire that fell and injured five people, medics said.

2007-12-19 01:00:00

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