Ya'alon: Iran's Nukes Challenge West

(Jerusalem Post) Margot Dudkevitch - Iran's attempt to attain nonconventional weapons capabilities is a disaster for the stability of the Middle East, IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Moshe Ya'alon said Sunday. In addition, "There is no doubt that Iran generates terror. I can illustrate a connection between suicide bomb attacks in Tel Aviv, Beersheba, or the 14-year-old boy who was arrested at the Hawara checkpoint near Nablus wearing an explosives belt. I can trace it all back to Teheran, Iranian money, Iranian weapons smuggling," Ya'alon said. It is within this context that Iran can only be described as a "rogue state," he said, and it should be dealt with accordingly. Ya'alon also emphasized Syria's role in supporting terror. He said Syria continues to allow Palestinian terror organizations to maintain headquarters in the country, supports Hizballah's actions from Lebanon against Israel, does not prevent the passage of terrorists from its territory into Iraq, and collaborates with the former Iraqi regime.

2004-09-13 00:00:00

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