Silence is a Danger to Islam

(USA Today) Youssef M. Ibrahim - For a long, long time to come, 144 million Russians will never forget or forgive. Several billion folks around the world won't either. Once again, a bunch of crazy fanatics led by Wahhabi, regressive Islamic thinking have succeeded in tainting the majority of Muslims who are reasonable, decent human beings. Where is the voice of Amr Moussa, the articulate secretary-general of the Arab League? Why can he ferociously attack Israel when it kills Palestinians but remain mute when people claiming to be Muslims commit genocide in Russia? The Russians were allies of the Arabs. Not now. To get the Russians back, the least that can be done is for somnolent Arab rulers, particularly those of Saudi Arabia and Qatar - whose Wahhabi religious leaders are responsible for indoctrinating many of these criminals in Chechnya - to stop fanatical sheiks from spreading the message that what happened in Russia was a jihad, a holy war.

2004-09-09 00:00:00

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