War Against America

(Jerusalem Post) Barry Rubin- For the first time in history, states in the Middle East are conducting a systematic, covert war against the U.S. The war is being conducted in Iraq, mainly by Iran, but also by Syria. In both cases, groups are being encouraged to attack and kill Americans. If Damascus and Teheran can get away with waging a direct war against America - at a time when U.S. power and regional presence is at a peak - how much credibility and deterrence will the U.S. have against radical regimes? Syria is also suspected of hiding high-ranking Saddamist officials and weapons and of concealing mass-destruction materiel. Iran had suspicious ties with al-Qaeda after it was driven out of Afghanistan. At a minimum, it gave safe passage to anti-American terrorists and is probably allowing them to operate from its soil. In addition, it is busily developing nuclear weapons and will soon have them, as well as the missiles to deliver them to distant targets.

2004-09-03 00:00:00

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