Show Me the Money: The 9/11 Commission and Saudi Arabia

(National Review) Rachel Ehrenfeld- The 9/11 Commission fails to identify the major sources of financing for al-Qaeda, ignoring volumes of information provided by the U.S. government and foreign nations regarding Muslim and Arab regimes that have supported al-Qaeda either financially or in kind. Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Libya, Syria, and Yemen are all totalitarian police states that - as documented evidence has shown - have actively been supporting al-Qaeda. The Saudi government sponsors and controls charitable organizations that funded al-Qaeda. Prince Turki al Faisal - the former longtime head of Saudi intelligence, and current ambassador to London - reportedly gave bin Laden $200 million in 1998 to move to Afghanistan. Interior Minister Prince Naif oversaw and sponsored "most of the major [Saudi] charities," according to David Aufhauser, a former general counsel of the Treasury Department, who testified before Congress that "Saudi Arabia has been an 'epicenter' of terrorist financing."

2004-08-18 00:00:00

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